Creating Your MoneyPress Account
Step 1: Go to (We suggest using Google Chrome – if you do not have it, you can download it here: Get Google Chrome)
Step 2: Click on “Sign-in/up” in the center of the screen (You can click here)
Sign Up
Step 3: Complete the short registration form
  • Name - Use your full legal name – This is who we will pay
  • Email – Use an email you check frequently – also, if you have PayPal, you will have the option of being paid through PayPal, so we suggest using that email.
  • Password – be safe!
    Registration Form
  • Check I’m not a robot – You may be asked to prove you are a human…
    Registration Captcha
  • Select the box, “I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement,” once you have fully reviewed to your satisfaction.
    Terms and Conditions
  • Click on the big green button that says “Register.”
Step 4 (Final Step for Registration): Complete the short registration form
  • You are almost done – check your email for an email with the subject line “MoneyPress Registration”
    Registration Email
  • Here you have two choices – but only need to do one – either enter the code you have in the box – or – Click the confirmation link.
    Registration Confirmation
You are now registered – check your email for a link to install the Google Chrome Browser Extension
Installing the Google Chrome Browser Extension
Step 1: Check your email for a link to the Google Chrome Extension – Click it
You can also click here Get The Extension
Registration Email
Step 2: Click on “Add To Chrome”
Chrome Store
Step 3: Select “Add Extension”
Add to Chrome
*Pro Tip – the MoneyPress Extension needs to be able to read and change data so you can properly get credit for each shopping trip. Rest assured, we take privacy seriously and will only use this data to ensure accuracy and a pleasurable easy experience for you.
Step 4: Go Shopping!
Earn on each shopping trip by clicking on the red button. This is what turns on the MoneyPress
Chrome Store
*Pro Tip – see the green arrow in the below image? It points to the official MoneyPress Extension – you can click it to see how much you are pressing (earning), go to your frequent stores, find a store to shop at, update your user settings and much more.
Chrome Store
Thank you for using MoneyPress – we hope you enjoy your experience with us.